Gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis and it is caused by an accumulation of uric acid. As the levels of the uric acid rise in your body, it tends to collect the base of joints. It is characterized by sudden and acute attacks of pain, accompanied by swelling, redness, and stiffness, usually around the big toe joint, as well as your knee, elbow, foot and other joints can be affected.

Your chances of developing increase if you are male, overweight, consume large amounts of alcohol and/or certain meat that contain a chemical called purine. An attack can last anywhere from a few days to years.

How do we treat Gout at CNS?

Dr. Kim treats gout through acupuncture and herbal treatment without putting any more unnecessary stress on your body. Thin needles of varying length are inserted at specific points along the meridians of the body. There are twelve major meridians in the human body. The meridian is an energy channel associated with the major body organs. When the needle is inserted restorative energy flows to the location and promotes healing.