Physical Therapist is the leading practitioner in charge of rehabilitation, prevention, and maintenance of optimal physical function and wellness.

Prevent onset of symptoms and progression of functional limitations that may arise from disabilities, age, injuries, or disorders. Create personalized treatment plans designed to increase strength, restore range of motion and alleviate pain.

Acupuncture is an ancient oriental treatment believed to have been originated as far back as 6,000 years ago in China, aimed at stimulation of specific points on the body. Thin needles of varying lengths are inserted at specific points, or acupoints, along the meridians of the body. 



Oriental Herbal Medicine is used to restore the body’s “Chi”or the energy of the body by bringing the opposing forces of Yin and Yang into balance.

Traditional medicine believes that the imbalance of the Yin and Yang creates blockage of the “Chi” which results in illness and disease.

Oriental Herbal Medicine formulas treat the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. Herbs are selected for each.

Doctors of Pain Management and Rehabilitation or Physiatrists, are nerve, muscle, and bone experts that specialize in treatment of injuries and illnesses that affect how you move. They diagnose the cause of the pain, explain your medical problems and develop treatment plans to enhance and restore maximum functional ability and quality of life. Pain management is achieved through multi-disciplinary approaches involving Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Occupational and Exercise Therapists.





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